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【Tutorial & Setting up】110MH Scrypt ASIC Miner 110MH A2 Terminator Litecoin Miner for Scrypt Mining 110MH Asic Scrypt Miner Excellent as Gridseed


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{Before Start}

  • Connect the miner to the router by internet cord.
  • The default IP of the miner is “”, so, plz make sure the IP your router is "192.168.1.xx" too(eg.
  • For miner configuration, plz use the ethernet cord to connect the miner to the same router which your PC also connected. (Your PC is just needed for miner configuration)

{Check Your Network}

  • Pressing the Windows key + the R key. So 'Windows + R'. This should give you a small window called 'run'.
  • Enter 'cmd' in the window, and hit the enter key. This should open a new window.

  • Input command "ipconfig", it will show the details of your network.
  • Make sure the "Default Gateway" is "192.168.1.xx".
  • If the default gateway is not "192.168.1.xx", please change to another router (which give a default gateway as "192.168.1.xx"), or, change the ip of your router to "192.168.1.xx"


  • Connect the miner to the router by internet cord.
  • Check out the default IP of the miner. About the default IP of the miner, plz see the section {Default IP} below.
  • Power on the miner.
  • Open configuration page: Open IE --> input the default IP in the address bar. (eg. the default IP of the miner is “105” (or “”), then input “”. plz make sure the IP of your router is “192.168.1.xx” too.).
  • If IE can't open the address you inputted, plz just try a few more times. (sometimes, the miner need about 1 minute to connect itself to the router)
  • change the configure of the miner on the configuration page. For the configuration option, see section {Configuration Page} below.
  • save the change.
  • power on again.
  • just wait for about 1~3 minute, and the mining will start automatically.
  • You can see the mining status on the configuration page.
  • Once you configured the miner, the miner will start automatically after power on.

{Default IP}

Every miner has a default IP: 192.168.1.xx. The number “xx” is marked on the miner. (sometimes, it is marked as the whole IP as “192.168.1.xx”)
As the picture showing, the “xx” of this miner is “120”, so the default IP address of the miner is: “”.
Sometimes, the factory may change the IP of the miner, plz download the software “Advanced IP Scanner” to scan the IP. (download here:
{How to use the IP scanning software}
  • Connect the miner to the router;
  • Power on the miner.
  • Open the IP scanning software, following pictures showing how to scan all the IP in the section “” ~ ””
  • Then you can find out the IP of the miner.

{Configuration Page}

  • The following picture showing the configuration page:
  • IMPORTANT: After you changed any of the network setting options, please click the button NETWORK SETTING CONFIRM. Then wait a minute for the network setting be valid.
  • After you changed the network setting, plz power off the miner, then power on it again. Please input the IP address you changed(if you don't change the option “IP ADDRESS”, just input the original IP) in the address bar and enter configuration page again.
  • If the network works well for you, we don't recommend you to change it.
  • After you changed the mining setting(POOL 1 ADDR, POOL 1 ID, POOL 1 PWD etc.), plz click the circle after “CGMINER START” and then click the button “CGMINER SETTING CONFIRM”.
  • After you changed the mining setting, plz power off the miner, then power on it again. The mining will start automatically after 1~3 minutes. The status will be like the following picture showing.
  • If the mining does not start, plz try to click: circle after “CGMINER STOP” → button “CGMINER SETTING CONFIRM” → circle after “CGMINER START” → button “CGMINER SETTING CONFIRM”
  • If one of the pool settings is empty (not set), plz just keep it as ‘/’ (default invalid pool address and etc.)
  • BOARD SPEED: set the option “board speed” as “1200Mhz” can get a speed about 105~115MH/s, but please pay more attention to the heat dissipation.
  • If your the mining speed of your miner get unstable after you change the BOARD SPEED to "1200Mhz", please don't worry about that, you can just try the following to fix the unstable hashing: 1> change the BOARD SPEED to lower speed, eg. 1100Mhz; 2> open the case of the miner, and make sure the heat radiation works well.
  • Click on the bottom button “REFRESH”, check the mining brief status. It will be shown in the picture below:
  • For real-time mining status, plz click “REALTIME STATUS MONITOR”, the realtime mining status showing like this:

{Fireware Upgrade}

Let's start to upgrade the firmware:
  • Download the firmware here:
  • And the software for firmware upgrade Win32DiskImager here:
  • Take out the SD card (You can see and take out the SD card without open the case) and insert it into an SD card reader.
  • Insert the SD card reader (with SD card) to the USB port of your computer.
  • And then upgrade the SD card to the firmware you have downloaded: (make sure the Device is the SD card reader and select the image file you just download, then click "Write")
  • After you upgrade the system, plz download an IP scanning software to get the IP of the new system. (see section {Default IP} for how to use the IP scanning software)


  1. Hi, I have an A2 TERMINATOR MINER 110 MH, and when I 'm setting i get - Error getting version for ERR : socket connect ( ) failed .- what its that means ? i read somewhere that i must have cgminer on my pc , i must plug usb between pc and miner ?.. please help

    1. Hi Isam, i am getting the same error, could you please share how you resolved this. Thanks in advance

  2. Your CGIMiner code is failing, reflash your img with an updated version! It should fix your problem

  3. A2 TERMINATOR MINER how to use for swiscoin. plz help

  4. A2 TERMINATOR MINER how to use for swiscoin. plz help

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